DOSE (Doctors Offering Shadowing Experiences) allows students to participate alongside physicians, gaining useful knowledge about the daily lives of physicians along with insight into the medical professions. DOSE was able to offer 60 students shadowing opportunities during the 2013-2014 school year, and is looking to expand even more!

Applications for the 2014-15 school year will be released soon.  Remember, you must be an active, dues paying member in order to be eligible for the DOSE program.

If you are a physician interested in having a Rice student shadow you, please contact the DOSE co-chairs.
The DOSE Co-Chairs are Cyrus Ghaznavi ( and Caroline Zhu ( 

DOSE Frequently Asked Questions

Application and OwlSpace

What it mean when you said we have to pay our RPMS dues to participate in DOSE?

You must pay your RPMS dues before your DOSE application is considered. Although you will be able to apply before you have paid your dues, we will not review your application until we have confirmation from the treasurer. To pay your dues, please contact the RPMS treasurer Alan Vu ( 

What happens after I send in my application?

The DOSE Coordinators will review your application and will work hard to match you with a physician who fits your interests and schedule.
Remember to put as much detail as possible when it comes to your interests and schedule so that you are more likely to be matched!

What are the average hours per week of shadowing?

It is recommended that you have at least one or two blocks of time to shadow per week, and each block should be about 4 hours or take up the entire morning / afternoon. A block shadowing schedule has been the most beneficial for our participants in the past because it helps you gain a better exposure and be a part of a clinical experience that is more wholesome and representative of a physician’s day at work.

How does the student-physician matching process work? Do we shadow physicians in a specific field or do we shadow a variety of fields? 

You will be matched to a physician based on your field of interest and schedule. Therefore, you will be shadowing physician in a specific field that you have indicated in your application. 

Do we shadow physicians as a group or individually? 

In most cases, you will be shadowing physicians individually. Some physicians are able to take 2 students per shift, so you may be shadowing with at the most one other DOSE participant in some cases.